Retrieval Systems

Prior to acquiring the company, we came to realize that many golf ball retrieval Used Golf Ball Retrieval Systemcompanies do not have a reputation for operating in a professional manner. We have made it our mission to establish a new standard for the industry. When you do business with Raven Golf Ball Company you can expect:

  • Contract concessions will be fair and mutually beneficial. Concessions, either as credit or as golf balls returned, will be paid on schedule as agreed.
  • Your golf course will be serviced in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • Regular communications between our company and your representative. No one will arrive unannounced to retrieve golf balls from your course. Retrieval personnel will work your course, as scheduled, and announce themselves upon arrival with appropriate identification.
  • Proper receipt for golf balls retrieved will be given to your representation upon departure from your course.
  • Golf Ball Retrieval Service

Used Golf Ball Retrieval System

If we are not currently doing business with you, we would appreciate the opportunity to offer a bid for our services. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Raven Golf Ball Co.

Mark Weatherly